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Course Development

I was one the main academics behind the design of the Information Technology BSc degree which first accepted students in 2002, and for the joint Information Technology and Business degree programmes (four in total) which started in 2005. I was also heavily involved in the updating of the Computer Science BSc degree for the 2005-6 academic intake. I have sat on the Information Technology and Computer Science Boards of Studies since arriving at Reading and as Senior Tutor have been a member of the School Teaching and Learning Committee which oversees the work of the Boards of Studies. I am due to become Programme Director for the Information Technology Degree and the two IT and Business degrees with a major in IT this September. The Programme Director at University of Reading is the individual academic with formal responsibility for ensuring that a degree programme complies with University teaching regulations, managing both the course descriptions and the staff delivering the individual modules.

Andrew A. Adams 2007-06-28