July 2009

So, I’ve managed to go swimming twice more and it reminded me of a couple of thing that are different that I didn’t mention in the previous post on this.


Yesterday I went swimming for the first time in nine years. I haven’t been swimming since I moved to Reading, and the last time I remember being in a pool was during 2Kon in 2000. I’m pretty out of shape and have been gaining weight again recently. I blame the stress, but also the disruption to lifestyle that the travelling I’ve been doing produces. It’s hard to take regular exercise and eat healthily when you spend a third of your time jet-lagged and ten 1-4 day trips away from home in three months is awkward. So, while in Tokyo for the summer I figured that swimming would be a good habit to get into. There’s a public pool attached to a nearby High School (the usual deal of the School provides some of the funding and gets first dibs for lessons/competitions while the city provides the rest of the funding and it’s open to the public the rest of the time). So, swimming in Japan was an interesting experience. (more…)