Medical TMI

On Thursday evening $DAUGHTER threw up quite badly. A little worse than usual but at her age not that uncommon. However, by a couple of hours later she had a temperature of 39C. Bad enough that we took her to a local out of hours clinic. They checked her out and said it was probably a bad cold or possibly flu, but that it was too early to tell about the flu. They gave us a febrifuge for use if she was unable to sleep and told us to keep her home from daycare the following day. As it’s outside the semester and I had no other meetings arranged, I took the day off and I’m really glad I did. Certainly I’m glad I was at home by midday when I had to ring $WIFE and get her to come home. It was scary being in charge of $DAUGHTER when I was getting so weak I could barely stand up. About ten minutes before $WIFE got back home from the office, I had a bout of projectile vomiting that would have done an exorcist-style possession proud. Luckily I was just able to make it into the toilet for this and the two other occurrences that followed later in the afternoon. I’m 99% certain that what $DAUGHTER had and what she then passed to me was a norovirus, also called the Winter Vomiting Bug (though it can strike at any time of year it’s more common in Winter). I seem to have caught a mild straing, or maybe I managed to fight it off well enough. 36 hours after coming down with it and 48 hours after infection (I almost certainly caught it from $DAUGHTER when she threw up) I’m feeling OK. A little weak, still, but at least I was able to start eating again this evening. Having returned yesterday’s breakfast to the world partially digested and then not eaten anything (fluids with electrolytes and some sugar) for over 24 hours I was surprised not to feel hungry even by late afternoon today, though I did feel well enough to try eating and it caused no problems.