Potentially spoilers below.

Well, the six part re-imagining of the Jekyll and Hyde story by Steven Moffatt has now reached its conclusion. I was a bit wary after the first two episodes, since I didn’t realise it was a self-contained six parter. I thought it was a longer show, say 13 eps with possible further seasons. At the end of episode two I thought it was going to turn into The Incredible Hulk, with him heading off into the wild blue yonder and getting into adventures, from which Hyde would save him.

But it didn’t. It got darker and darker, and more intense. I don’t think it pulled any punches and I loved the twists in the final episode. Great SF, and great drama. It just goes to show that Steven Moffat is one of the best writers of SF currently producing stuff in the UK. I hope the BBC commissions more stuff from him.