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I am a CoI on the new Kaken Kiban C project International Comparative Study on AI Ethics in Business Environment (PI: Prof K. Murata).


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I am Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Information Ethics (CBIE) at Meiji University in Tokyo. I also teach on a contract basis at the Graduate School of Business Administration at Meiji University. My email address is aaa at Meiji (which uses an ac.jp domain name).

My office is Rm 408G of the Global Front Building on Meiji's Surugadai Campus.

I am a member of the following professional societies:

I am also a member of the Asian Privacy Scholars Network, and a co-opted member of its secretariat.

I am a Fellow of the Open Forum Academy.

I have profiles on LinkedIn, Community of Science and Academia.edu.

I have a BSc in Mathematics and Computational Science from the University of Leeds, an MSc in Computer Science also from the University of Leeds, a PhD in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews and an LLM (Masters in Law) in Advanced Legal Studies from the University of Reading.

This is my work page. I maintain a personal stuff page (links for my hobbies and interests, that sort of thing) as well as a blog.

Research Interests

I am a multi-disciplinary researcher looking at social, legal, and ethical aspects of computer and communications technologies.

I previously engaged in research in computational logic and computer mathematics. See below for details.

Current Research Projects

Here are details of my current research projects, with details of funding where they are specifically supported. See below for details of completed projects.

Privacy, Security and Surveillance Research

Privacy, and related questions of surveillance and security is one of my core interests and areas of expertise.

Digital Education

Together with Prof Shirley Williams and Prof Naz Rassool of the University of Reading I supervised the PhD of Dr Tharindu Liyanagunawardena on Information communication technologies and distance education in Sri Lanka: a case study of two universities. We also published a number of other papers together.

I continue to be interested in and study issues of the interaction of computer and communication technologies (such as remote learning and AI) and education.

Digital Identity

In 2010, the KDDI Research Foundation funded the CBIE to perform "A Comparative Study of Young People's Online Behavior between Japan and the United Kingdom". The primary output of this project was a translation (linguistically and culturally) of the work of Prof Shirley Williams and her team at the School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading on training materials for students about managing their digital identity. In addition to translating their original material into Japanese for university students, the CBIE produced a version for junior high school and high school students in Japan.


I have run a number of conferences and workshops related to my SLE research, and am on the steering committees of some.

Conferences I have organised include:

I regularly attend the following ongoing series of conferences/workshops:

Completed Research Projects

Here are details of my prior research projects, with details of funding where they are specifically supported. See above for details of my current projects. My move from the UK to Japan in April 2010 means that some of these projects were completed by others after I left.

Privacy, Security and Surveillance Research

Other Prior SLE Research

Digital Rights Advocacy

I promote the digital rights of ordinary people wherever I can in my work and am involved in a small way in various approaches to this.

Previous Research Interests and Activity

I used to do research in Computer Mathematics, although my focus has now switched to social, legal and ethical implications.


My Publications (list is up to date as of 13th May, 2024).

The theses for my graduate degrees are all available:


Unfortunately, my current position at Meiji University does not allow me to supervise research students. There may be possibilities at the CBIE.

I do not have any interest in undergraduate student interns. Emails from Indian Institute of Technology (or similar) students looking for an internship will be ignored.


I currently teach:

I have previously taught classes ranging from Information Society (to a range of graduate students at Meiji University) to technical subjects including discrete mathematics, programming design methods and functional programming (to computing and other systems engineering students at the University of Reading).

My email address is aaa at Meiji (which uses an ac.jp domain name).

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