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This is my personal starting page. I also maintain a page of work-related things.

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Science Fiction Links:

SF Lovers Archive
An ftp site containing lots of useful information about SF.
Science fiction resource guide (UK mirror)
A list of Science fiction Web pages, ftp sites and gopher sites of interest to SF fans.
SF Site
Cherryh Archive
Information regarding the work of CJ Cherryh, with particular attention to the Alliance/Union universe

Personal Pages

My full site.
My blog and gallery.
An interview with Stephen R Donaldson.
An interview done in October 1991 during a UK signing tour for
The Gap into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge.
An interview with Guy Gavriel Kay (A Guest of Honour at 2Kon)
An interview done over e-mail in January 1995.
A Few Notes on the Culture.
An article by Iain M. Banks about his fictional star-spanning society "The Culture".
Babylon 5 SF References List.
A list of the references to other SF (written, TV, etc.) in the TV show Babylon 5.
A Nightwatch page.
A page about the Babylon 5 topic The Nightwatch.
Red Dwarf episode guide.
An epsiode guide to the BBC comedy SF series (warning - this guide is not spoiler-free).
SF book Reviews
Some of which were written for the BSFA magazine Vector, the Leeds University Science Fiction Society magazine Black Hole, or the St Andrews Science Fiction and Fantasy Society magazine Sirius Moonlight.


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